LiveWire Contacts is a software company that develops web applications for small businesses and niche markets. We have a suite of web based applications that enable us to provide affordable solutions to virtually anyone.

In addition to our industry-specific applications (such as LiveWire Musician) we offer individual businesses a highly customizable information management system. We work with businesses to build information management applications specific to their needs. Give us a chance to show you why our software is right for your business.

What Folks Are Saying
Where'bouts CTO Mark Bodnar said "LiveWire has been great. They gave us the functionality we were looking for in a subscription-based format that's a fraction of the price we would have paid a contractor."
Rachael Sage and Margo Wentzien, MPress Records said "LiveWire has been great for us because it's made it easier to stay in touch with our grassroots fanbase while we're touring."